Art and Land Symposium - Valuing the Aesthetics of Nature, Colby College August 2017

Literary Luncheon with Carl Little and Bob Keyes

Bob Keyes talks with Carl and David Little about their new book "Paintings of Portland" Video by Portland Media Center.

Chats with Champions

After an introduction by his brother Carl Little, artist and author David Little describes his book, "Art of Katahdin," which chronicles the history of the artists--including himself--who has painted and climbed what some have called one of Maine's great treasures. In addition to the outdoor and sporting tradition that surrounds it, there is a distinct tradition of art.

Paintings of Portland, Island Institute

“Casco Bay Ferry Reflection,” by Sarah Knock

“Casco Bay Ferry Reflection,” by Sarah Knock

By Dana Wilde Posted August 31, 2018

"Portland gets its hooks in people," Jim Smethurst said to me one sunlit afternoon in 1978, “and won't let them leave." 

We were standing on Middle Street talking about our fascination for the city itself, me the Mainer and Jim from New Jersey, both students, both hooked. Around the corner on Exchange Street was the Deli I, which we haunted for the jazz and the camaraderie of the off-the-radar artists and poets who were in Portland's thrall. They were all surfing the foam of the Kerouackian curl that swelled in the 1950s and soon broke over Portland too, turning it into an outlier destination for itinerant arts seekers. Read entire review.

Art of Acadia, The Little brothers on Mount Desert Island, Island Institute

Hal Ford's "View of Penobscot Mountain," 2013 (oil on canvas, 21 by 30 inches)

Hal Ford's "View of Penobscot Mountain," 2013 (oil on canvas, 21 by 30 inches)

By Edgar Allen Beem Posted September 23, 2016

The natural beauty of Mount Desert Island has inspired artists for centuries. In the 19th century, some of those artists’ romantic visions inspired tourists and rusticators to plant the summer colonies that flourish on the island to this day.  Read entire review.

Kienbusch family legacy on view in Fryeburg, Portland Press Herald

A contributed image of artist William Kienbusch in a rowboat.

A contributed image of artist William Kienbusch in a rowboat.

By Bob Keyes, Portland Press Herald Posted September 21, 2014

It was a gift that changed at least two lives. When the painter William Kienbusch died in 1980, he left his house on Great Cranberry Island off Mount Desert to his nephews, Carl and David Little.

“David was a painter and I was a writer,” Carl Little said. “He said, ‘You guys ought to have a place to do that.’ For David and me, the island has been a muse, and Bill has been a guiding spirit for both of us.” Read entire review.

Art of Katahdin, Portland Press Herald


By William David Barry Posted October 6, 2013

Unlike New Hampshire and Vermont, Maine is rarely in the mountains. Ranges and hills pop up where they please, and none more spectacularly than 5,268-foot Mount Katahdin.

Viewed in its many facets, it is the sacred mountain of the Penobscot Nation, the American wilderness proclaimed by 19th century transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau… Read entire review.

Courthouse Gallery Fine Art, David Little Catalog

Screenshot 2019-01-12 12.45.58.png

Around 1980, David Little fell in love with Maine and its landscape and deepened that love over the next two years as a student at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and, in 1998, with a residency on Monhegan Island. Since then Little has worked in a variety of media including watercolor, oil pastel, and oil on canvas, creating a prodigious number of works each year; he conceives of this show as a mini-retrospective exhibition. See complete catalog.